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5 Shires Tree Surgery is committed to delivering top-notch, professional care for your trees. Our dedicated team of experts ensure your trees receive a high level of attention guaranteeing their health and continued growth.


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How Tree Felling Could Help You

Here are three Quick tips to help you consider Trimming or felting your trees

Forest Management

Selective tree felling can improve the overall health and biodiversity of a forest. Removing old or diseased trees can make space for younger, healthier ones to grow, promoting a more balanced and resilient ecosystem.

Fire Prevention

In regions prone to wildfires, strategically felling trees can create firebreaks. These cleared areas can help slow the spread of fires, protecting both human communities and natural habitats from unwanted fire break outs.

Urban Development

In urban areas, tree felling may be required to make space for infrastructure development, giving you more space to design and plan your home renovations or home improvement plans with ease.

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